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Hair Loss/Treatment/Cost and few other things in India

Hair Loss Treatment/Vitamins/Supplement vs Cost/Value Perspective in India


Hi All,

I have Created this blog to share info on Hair Loss / Treatment and the related cost in india. I am suffring hair loss and thinning for past few years, But now decided to act upon it.
Also I have collected some info over the internet on hair loss treatments and related things, So want to share with you all. Expecting that blog visitors will share there experience and knowledge here.

This post will also help People like me who are facing Medicine/Vitamin/Supplement V/S Price/Quality/Availability Dilemma.


A) “DHT Inhibitor” like ‘Finasteride’, Popular brand available in India is Finex.

Read more about it here for its effects and some possible side effects.
Cost: Dr Reddy Finax (1mg) 30 Tablet strip will cost you Rs.123.90 or Rs. 4.13 But you can cut this cost to 1/4 by buying similar Finasteride but with some other brand and some and cutting the pill by 1/4 (google for pill cutter or knife just do fine)

Explanation on (Cost Cutting) : West Coast Pharmaceuticals sell the same ‘Finasteride’ with the name of ‘Growvita’ in (5 mg) per tablet packing strip of 10 tablets for just Rs. 32 so per 5mg tablet will cost you 3.20. Now cut this tablet into 4 and you will get 1.25mg for just 80 Paise or less then a Rupee.

But to get these brands you have to be aware and persistent with your Chemist & Doctor, As most of them want to sell expensive brands first.

Also few paragraph below I have explained how to search similar and less costlier medicine.

B) Minoxidil 5% (topical solution) mainly for stimulating hair fossils.

Cost: It Cost a lot comparatively, cheapest I can find is by ‘Ranbaxy’ with name of ‘Amenxildil’ (60 ml) Lotion with composition of (Minoxidil- 5% w/w Aminixil-1 .5% w/w) for Rs. 390

C) Ketoconazole-2 % based shampoo for it’s anti fungal properties. it’s DHT or hair stimulation property is not accepted by FDA yet.

Cost: There are lot of options, but again cheapest I could find by ‘Psychotropics India Limited’ with the name of ‘Dancure’ (Skin) (50ml) Shampoo with the composition of (Ketoconazole-2 % Zinc Pyrithionone(ZPTO) -1 %) for Rs. 65

D) Supplements or Vitamin / Mineral tablets like ‘Folliderm’ , ‘Xtraglo’ or ‘Follihair’  for biotin, selenium, zinc & copper clubbed with zincovit for Vitamin B12, B6, D3, Iron and so on..

Cost: Folliderm is 10 Tablets for Rs. 66 or Rs. 6.60 per tablet and Zincovit is 10 Tablets for Rs. 33 or Rs. 3.30 per tablet.
Though I found “Oxivim” a less costly option as in around 4.50 Rs. It give me combination of ‘Folliderm’ and ‘Zincovit’. Or ‘Skinvit’ for Rs. 3.50 along with ‘Supradyn’ which is for Only Rs. 1 per tablet, Also you have to take just 1 tablet instead of 2 so to me it’s look like a better option but some doctor need to confirm this.

Well there might be more better and less costly solutions out there, If we come together and discuss it more openly with our doctors and here.

Read point A, B, C and D again. That’s all the Dermatologist in india priscribe to hair loss patients for treatments or may be that’s all available to poor mortals , Until unless you are Salman Khan 😉

Brand name of the medicine changes but the basic composition remain same. So guys evaluate your Doctor’s priscription first before getting into some money trap.

Now comes the part which I feel can change the whole game of your hair growth story.
Status of vitamins, minerals and amino acids (kind of vitamins) clubbed with some important enzymes in your body. Deficiency of one or another can change the your hair growth dynamics. Below I have tries to give more info on that.

I Hope someone can advice us to get the test done at a decent Pathology for some reasonable money to figure out the actual deficiency.
Trust me guys its not easy to find a reasonably priced trustworthy Pathology in india, Who can do all these test with reliable results.

People like me here should learn and read the supplement or medicine contents/compositions to figure out what exactly it contains. For expert info ask their doctors / pharmacist and discuss here.

Listing some common terminology printed on medicines.

Weight/volume (w/v%) and volume/volume (v/v%) basis
EXAMPLE “5% w/v ” means 5 g of the solute dissolved in 100 ml of the solvent.
(q.s.) means On a prescription, as needed or Used as per requirement.

Cobalamin means Vitamin B12 Vitamin B6 is Pyridoxine and Vitamin H is called Biotin or Vitamin B7(see complete list below)

mg= milligram mcg= micrograms g= gram kg= kilogram
1000 microgram = 1 milligram = .001 gram
I know all Ganju- Patel’s are smart, but still just to put things into perspective. So… 😀

Now how to search similar (means same composition but different brand or name) and less costly drugs/medicine.

India Specific

India + World (Choose your Country) free login might be required

Tricks how to search faster and with more options and accuracy.

Example: Type in google searchbox: “medguideindia”*”biotin-5 mg”*”copper-3 mg”  And this will get you results for all drugs/medicine matching biotin-5 mg AND copper- 2 mg together in a drug/medicine.

See search Results:*%22biotin-5+mg%22*%22copper-3+mg%22&client=ms-opera-mobile-android&channel=new

And if you Search “medguideindia” “biotin-5 mg” “copper-2 mg” This will get you results for all drugs/medicine matching either biotin-5 mg or copper- 2 mg or both in a medicine.

See Search Results:

Same and few more search tricks can be applied elsewhere on the internet and other sites. if some web developers are reading this then they can write a detail post on this and post a link here.

Note: Vitamins / Minerals Supplements should be taken earlier, or in the middle of a larger meal. It is also advisable not to lie down right after taking pills. it is better to split it up into smaller doses to not interfere pwith the absorption of other nutrients.

Primary Vitamin+Mineral from Hairloss point of view (along with their scientific name)

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) 6mg
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 2mg
Vitamin B7(Biotin) or Vitamin H 300mcg (upto 30 mg can be taken)
Iron (and the blood iron carrier ferritin) 18mg
Zinc 15mg
Copper 2mg
Selenium 70mcg
Silica (silicon dioxide) 5 to 20 mg

This list above is for most essential vitamins / supplement we require to stop hair loss.

And further a list below as per specific body requirements and deficiencies.

Essential amino acid Milligrams of amino acid per gram of complete protein (on average)
Histidine 18
Isoleucine 25
Lysine 55
Leucine 51
Methionine & Cysteine 25
Phenylalanine & Tyrosine 47
Threonine 27
Tryptophan 7
Valine 32

Some more amino acids Required
N-acetyl -L- cysteine (NAC)- 250 to 1500mg
Para-aminobenzoic acid or PABA- 300 to 400mg
L-lysine- 12 mg daily for each kilogram or 2. 2lbs of your body weight.
Tryptophan or 5- HTP- 300 to 900 mg

Hair Enzymes & Hormones
Natural Proteolytic Enzyme Bromelain- 500 to 1500mcg
Dehydroepiandrosterone DHEA – upto 50mg per day
Melatonin(sleep hormone)- 1 to 3mg
Natural progesterone- 30 to 150 drops

Info Sources:

Complete list: Dietary allowance recommended by (RDA)

Vitamin A (Retinol) 5, 000 iu or around 900 mcg Vitamin

C (Ascorbic acid) 90 mg

Vitamin D (Calciferol) 400 IU or around 5 mcg

Vitamin E (Tocoferol) 30 IU or around 15 mcg

Vitamin K (K1,phylloquinone/K2,menaquinone/K3,menaphthone) 80 mcg

Thiamin (B- 1) 1. 5 mg

Riboflavin (B- 2) 1. 7 mg

Niacin (B- 3) 20 mg

Vitamin Pyridoxcin (B- 6) 2 mg

Folate/Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) 400 mcg

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) 6 mcg

Vitamin B7/H Biotin 300 mcg

Pantothenic Acid (B- 5) 10 mg

Calcium 1, 000 mg

Magnesium 400 mg

Phosphorous 1, 000 mg

Chromium 120 mcg

Copper 2 mg

Iodine 150 mcg

Iron 18 mg

Manganese 2 mg

Molybdenum 75 mcg

Selenium 70 mcg

Zinc 15 mg

Potassium = 4.7* (g)

Sodium = 1.5* (g)

Chloride = 2.3* (g)

*means even they are not sure.

Disclaimer : I’m not related to any website or link here directly or indirectly. All info here is taken from various sources including internet. Except my own details. Users here should use this info for further research only. I’m not a Doctor /Pharmacist or Researcher.

Now The Main Concern of us Indians. Available Vitamins / Minerals / Price V/S Value.

I’ve made a list of Available Vitamins / Minerals which are Medicated (means which come in form of medicines) (not generic, as I don’t trust generic one & they cost a ton comparatively) on basis of their cost/goodness and availability in India.

Price is mentioned in INR (Indian National Rupees) or (Rs.) 1 US Dollar(US$) = around Rs. 50 (for easy conversation) (Example: 10 Tablets for Rs. 50 means 10 Tablets for US$ 1)

Seeking inputs from Seniors / Doctors on which are looking better options from the list below. Or/Else they would like to suggest some.

Ideally we should be looking for some less costly single pill for all Vitamins+Minerals(with Biotin & Silica) along with all 22 amino acids (with PABA) and Proteolytic Enzyme Bromelain,Dehydroepiandrosterone DHEA, Melatonin alongwith Progesterone enzyme. Now this is a pure greed… 😮 yeah! I know 🙂

Below is the list which I have compiled on the basis of general availability of Vitamins / Minerals / Price V/S Value.

1. Adventure Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
Zincoaid Tablet:
10 Tablet for Rs. 30
Vit B2-10 mg
Vit B6-2 mg
Vit B12-7.5 mg
Vit C-75 mg
Vit D3-400 iu
Vit E-15 iu
Calcium Pantothenate-10 mg
Biotin-150 mcg
Oxide-30 mg
Manganese Sulphate-2.5 mg
Copper Sulphate-2 mg
Selenium-70 mcg
Potassium Iodine-150 mcg
Chromium Picolinate-25 mcg
Colloidal Silicon Dioxide-1 mg
Sodium Borate-150 mcg
Sodium Molybdenum-25 mcg

Zinc Sulphate-63 mg
Vit A-5000 iu
Vit B1-10 mg
Folic Acid-1 mg
Very popular with doctors here in India for copper, zinc and vitamin supplements. Often doctors prescribe Zincovit which is same but comes with .5mg copper,and Zincoaid contains 2mg copper. Hence I chosen Zincoaid in my list.

2. Abbott Healthcare Pvt Ltd (AHPL)
Supradyn Tablet:
15 Tablet for Rs.17
Vit B12-15 mcg
Dried Ferrous Sulphate-32.04 mg
Vit H-0.25 mg
Sodium Borate-0.88 mg
Sodium Molybdate-0.25 mg
Magnesium Oxide-60 mg
Vit D-1000 iu
Vit A-10000 iu
Vit C-150 mg
Vit E-25 mg
Manganese Sulphate-2.03 mg
Nicotinamide-100 mg
Copper Sulphate-3.39 mg
Calcium Pantothenate-16.3 mg

Vit B6-3 mg
Vit B2-10 mg
Zinc Sulphate-2.2 mg
Vit B1-10 mg
Calcium Phosphorus-129 mg
Again very popular & heard that it is very good. Form an American point a view, half a dollar and a month supply of vitamins & minerals :p

3. Mano (Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.)
Oxivim Capsule:
10 Capsule for Rs. 48
Folic Acid-1 mg
Calcium-150 mcg
Vit D3-200 iu
Zinc Sulphate-41.4 mg
Niacinamide-50 mg
Calcium Pantothenate-12.5 mg
Vit A-5000 iu
Vit C-100 mg
Vit E-25 mg
Cyanocobalamin-10 mcg

Pyridoxine-3 mg
Riboflavin-10 mg
Thiamine-10 mg
Ferrous Sulphate-40 mg
Manganese-2.5 mg
Sodium Selenate-100 mcg
Elemental Copper-3 mg
Biotin-30 mg
For around 3US$ a month supply. I want to take this, as it covers basically all + 30 mg of Biotin and 100 mcg selenium along 3 mg of copper and 41 mg Zinc almost same amout of Iron. Seniors Please Advice me on this.

4. Manufacturer Aden Healthcare Contents
NAVTIC Tablet:
10 Tablets for Rs. 75
nettle leaf extract 50 mg
saw palmetto 10 mg

calcium pantothenate 100 mg
para-aminobenzoic acid 50 mg
Elemental zinc 25 mg
L-lysine 10 mg
biotin 10 mg
Elemental manganese 5 mg
inositol 5 mg
Elemental copper 2 mg
folic acid 750 mcg
Elemental selenium 65 mcg
For around 4US$ a month supply. This is also good with some herbal goodness thrown in like :nattle leaf extract & saw plametto along with amino acid and PABA, but I’ve to club this with one more pill like Zincoaid or Supradyn (see above) to complete the course which I want to avoid. I strictly want to be on 1 pill regime for all obvious reasons.

5. Manufacturer Universal Contents
RADIANCE-H soft-gelatin Capsule:
15 Cap for Rs. 142
collagen peptides (type 1) 175 mg
grape seed extract 10 mg
green tea extract 10 mg
calcium pantothenate 25 mg
nicotinamide 20 mg
vitamin C 15 mg
biotin 10 mg
choline bitartrate 10 mg
inositol 10 mg
folic acid 5 mg
vitamin B6 1.5 mg
L-methionine 40 mg
l-cysteine 10 mg
L-lysine 10 mg
zinc 7.5 mg
iron 7.5 mg
copper 2 mg
silica 2 mg
selenium 0.05 mg
More expensive options with some herb goodness + amino acids, but this has to be clubbed with Supradyn etc. to make it a complete course.

6. Follihair Tablet:
10 Tablet for Rs. 95
L- Lysine- 20 mg
Calcium Pantothenate- 50mg
Selenium-50 mcg
Manganese- 5mg
Zinc- 25 mg
Copper- 2 mg
Iron- 8 mg
Biotin- 10 mg
Di-Methionine- 40mg
L- Cysteine-5 mg
Some biotin+amino acids, Expensive in comparison

7. FOLLIDERM Tablet:
10 Tablets for Rs. 66
biotin 5 mg
zinc oxide 25 mg
manganese sulphate 5mg
cupric oxide 2 mg
sodium selenite 40 mcg
Most popular with HairLoss Doctors here in India. Although better & less costly options like Skinvit and Oxivim (see list) are available. (Some seniors or Doctors might like to explain this)

8. Apex Laboratories Limited
Zincovit Tablet:
10 Tablets for Rs. 33
Folic Acid-1 mg
Vit B12- 7. 5 mcg
Vit D3- 400 iu
Vit B1- 10 mg

Vit B2- 10 mg
Vit B6- 2 mg
Iodine-150 mcg
Vit A-5000 iu
Vit C-75 mg
Vit E- 15 mg
Zinc- 22 mg
Copper-0.5 mg
Chromium (Chromic) -25 mcg
Biotin-150 mcg
Vit B5- 10 mg
A lot of Doctors prescribe this with folliderm and minoxidil 5% alongwith some antifungle topical shampoo. Though less costly options like Supradyn, Zincoaid or Becasule-Z or Allnid(see below) not considered. (This is the prescription of 99% Hairloss doctors in India)

9. Psychotropics India Limited
Skinvit Tablet:
15 Tablet for Rs. 52
Betacarotene-15 mg
Vit D3-400 iu
Vit B1-10 mg
Niacinamide-18 mg
Vit B2-10 mg
Vit B6-3 mg
Magnesium-50 mg
Vit A-2500 iu
Vit E-25 mg
Iodine-200 mcg
Silicon-3 mg
Cysteine-10 mg
Biotin-5 mg
Calcium D Pantothenate-30 mg
Chromium (Chromic)-50 mcg
Selenium-100 mcg
Folic Acid-1000 mcg
Manganese-3 mg
Zinc-15 mg
Vit B12-9 mcg
Vit C-75 mg
Good… Less costly comparatively. Also got 3mg of Silica, Cysteine 10mg But lack Copper, Iron and sufficient Zinc else could have been a 2US$ a month Solution. 🙂

10. Ramose Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Allnid Capsule:
100 Capsule for Rs. 30
Vit A-50000 iu
L-Lysine -50 mg
Zinc Sulphate-20mg
Vitamin (B12) /Cyanocobalamin-10mcg

Vitamin (B5)/Calcium Pantothenate-25mg
Vitamin (B6)/Pyridoxine- 3 mg
Vit (C)/Ascorbic Acid- 75mg
Vit (B2)/Riboflavin-10 mg
Vit(B1)/Thiamine-10 mg
Vit(E)/Tocopherol- 10 mg
Zinc + Amino acid L-Lysine with all essential Vitamins supply for 6 Months in Just a dollar. If you search you’ll find more like this. I found variable of this is used in Red Cross , UNESCO for vitamin and zinc supplement.

Thanks to all for reading such lengthy post. Do post your comments / inputs / Priscription that has been given to you by your Dermatologist or Doctor.
So that we can evaluate each-others medication and in general goodness of treatment and contribute to list to make it useful.
Seniors and Doctors Please post your inputs.

Once Again Disclaimer : I’m not related to any website or link here directly or indirectly. All info here is stolen from various sources including internet. Except my own details Users here should use this info for further research only. I’m not a Doctor /Pharmacist or Researcher.

Thankyou and Good Luck to All

Best Regards